Life Skills High School

It began as a rare option for dropouts who were ready to get their lives back on track. It grew to be the biggest secondary second-start program in America. And although the students who entered our doors were considered by some to be academic failures, they discovered a more dedicated, focused, helpful approach to their future than they had experienced in their previous schools. In addition to career help and class-time options that worked with their often complicated lives, they were greeted with methods and technologies that make learning more efficient and effective. Finally, someone gave them what they wanted all along – a better way to learn and prepare for the future and the job market.

Currently, there are 18 Life Skills High Schools in three states - Arizona, Ohio and Colorado

Start with a schedule designed around our students’ lives – four hours a day is all it takes!  We complement the flexible schedule with dedicated, caring teachers, who take the time to connect with each student through personal attention and devotion to student success.  And with real-world employment experience and assistance, students see right away that this is not just another high school. This is their high school.